A widget company produces 25 widgets a day, 5 of which are defective. Find the probability of selecting 5 widgets from the 25 produced where none are defective.

Accepted Solution

Answer:0.292Step-by-step explanation:When we select the first widget, there are 20 good widgets from 25 total.When we select the second widget, there are 19 good widgets from 24 total.So on and so forth.So the probability is:P = (20/25) (19/24) (18/23) (17/22) (16/21)P = 0.292Alternatively, we can calculate this using combinations.We are selecting 5 widgets from a total of 25. ₂₅C₅From the 5 defective widgets, we want to select 0. ₅C₀From the 20 non-defective widgets, we want to select 5. ₂₀C₅So the probability is:P = (₅C₀ ₂₀C₅) / ₂₅C₅P = 0.292